FIFA 06 Career Player Data

Team Summary for Chicago Fire
Default chemistry: 79Default rating: 67
Team prestige: 8Mentality: Attack
Primary attack: Wing PlaySecondary attack: [None]
Primary defence: ZonalSecondary defence: [None]
Stadium: Olympic Style
Main league: MLS (United States)
Local rival: Columbus Crew
Left corner: K. CarlisleRight corner: L. Bardon
Free Kick: M. JohnsenPenalty: A. Favalli
Captain: Thiago 

Starting Lineup (4_1_2_1_2) for Chicago Fire
 2 M. Johnsen (78.4)3 A. Favalli (76.7) 
  29 Thiago (68.3)  
22 T. Bocanegra (70.5)  4 L. Bardon (74.2)
  12 M. Carevic (75.2)  
23 K. Carlisle (72.7)5 J. Curtin (72.9)10 E. Kotschau (74.6)8 Cifu (74.7)
 15 C. De Rossi (70.9) 

Playing Squad for Chicago Fire
GK15C. De Rossi70.990%657316 
RCB10E. Kotschau74.692%646215 
LCB5J. Curtin72.988%656315 
LB23K. Carlisle72.792%646113 
CDM12M. Carevic75.289%50560 
RM4L. Bardon74.285%62459 
LM22T. Bocanegra70.590%706913 
RS3A. Favalli76.793%64595 
LS2M. Johnsen78.490%69869 
CB19G. Long63.991%54250 
LB7J. Storbaek70.286%635911 
CM20P. Mullins64.595%62516 
LM21J. Mapp71.387%56272 
ST17C. Rolfe67.591%56323 
GK18M. Pickens55.186%50140 
RM9A. Valencia72.151%58561Injured for another 24 days
LM6B. Cheyrou71.071%704910 
ST11N. Jaqua68.584%596714Injured for another 27 days

Player Biographies for Chicago Fire
No.NamePosFootAgeDate Of Birth HtWtNotes
18Pickens, MatthewGKR28 5 Apr 1982 19190 
15De Rossi, ChristianGKR19 8 Jul 1991 18676was M. Fortin of Siena
8CifuRBR2913 Jul 1980 17170originally at Sociedad
10Kotschau, EddieCBR22 1 Aug 1987 18576was G. Berhalter of Cottbus
5Curtin, JimCBR3123 Jun 1979 19392 
19Long, GrahamCBR2312 Nov 1986 18883was P. Butler of Leeds
7Storbaek, Jarl AndreLBR3121 Sep 1978 18484originally at Ham-Kam
23Carlisle, KevinLWBL18 7 Dec 1991 17568was J. Clapham of Bir'gham
9Valencia, AlexRMR3022 Sep 1979 18275originally at IK Start
12Carevic, MarioCML2829 Mar 1982 18678originally at Stuttgart
20Mullins, PeterCMR2021 Oct 1989 17469was J. Wright of Leeds
6Cheyrou, BenoitLML29 3 May 1981 18278originally at Auxerre
21Mapp, JustinLML2518 Oct 1984 17863 
22Bocanegra, TaylorLWML1917 May 1991 17871was E. Lewis of Leeds
4Bardon, LaurentCAMR21 5 Aug 1988 18780was A. Sibierski of Man City
29ThiagoCAMR28 7 Apr 1982 17068 
3Favalli, AntonioSTR2210 Jan 1988 18073was D. Dionigi of Reggina
2Johnsen, MagneSTR1828 Apr 1992 18788was T. Helstad of Ros'borg
17Rolfe, ChrisSTR2717 Jan 1983 17365 
11Jaqua, NateSTR2828 Oct 1981 19181 

Player Statistics for Chicago Fire
 AppearancesGoals Scored TotalsDomesticInternational
M. Johnsen10911091 1.00000000
Thiago16151770 0.40000000
N. Jaqua15141550 0.30000000
A. Favalli1091321 0.30101000
C. Rolfe440220 0.50000000
L. Bardon12120220 0.20000000
T. Bocanegra16151110 0.10101000
M. Pickens000000 0.00000000
M. Carevic000000 0.00000000
G. Long110000 0.00000000
A. Valencia330000 0.00000000
Cifu541000 0.00000000
J. Mapp651000 0.00101000
B. Cheyrou12111000 0.00000000
J. Storbaek13121000 0.00101000
P. Mullins13121000 0.00000000
K. Carlisle15150000 0.00000000
J. Curtin16151000 0.00101000
E. Kotschau16151000 0.00000000
C. De Rossi16151000 0.010000000

Player Contracts for Chicago Fire
No.NamePosOverallAgeMoraleEndsPer GameBonusNotes
10Kotschau, EddieCB74.6226220112010 
5Curtin, JimCB72.9316320112240 
9Valencia, AlexRM72.1305620112300 
6Cheyrou, BenoitLM71.0294920111790 
7Storbaek, Jarl AndreLB70.2315920111860 
19Long, GrahamCB63.9232520111670 
12Carevic, MarioCM75.2285620122300 
15De Rossi, ChristianGK70.9197320121490 
22Bocanegra, TaylorLWM70.5196920121900 
17Rolfe, ChrisST67.5273220121770 
11Jaqua, NateST68.5286720132180 
2Johnsen, MagneST78.4188620141900 
4Bardon, LaurentCAM74.2214520141980 
23Carlisle, KevinLWB72.7186120141900 
21Mapp, JustinLM71.3252720141720 
18Pickens, MatthewGK55.128142014930 
3Favalli, AntonioST76.7225920152010 
20Mullins, PeterCM64.5205120151610 
Total weekly wages 3809 
Total weekly income 4460 

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