FIFA 06 Career Statistical Leaders

Leading Total Scorers
(All competitions: MLS; MLS Open Cup)
 Goals ScoredAppearances 
 TotLgeCupTotLgeCup Player (Club)
1.10911091 M. Johnsen (Chicago Fire)
2.88016151 L. Donovan (Los Angeles)
3.77016151 Thiago (Chicago Fire)
4.55015141 N. Jaqua (Chicago Fire)
55016151 R. Zavagnin (FC Dallas)
55016151 P. Noonan (New England)
55017170 J. Cunningham (Colorado Rapids)
55018171 A. Speroni (D.C. United)
9.44015141 T. Twellman (New England)
44016151 C. Osorno (Chivas USA)
44016160 D. Arnaud (Kansas City)
44017170 L. Gonzalez (Colorado Rapids)
43116151 I. Romo (Chivas USA)
14.33014140 L. Vanney (NY/NJ Metrostars)
33015141 E. Wilson (New England)
33018171 K. Martino (Columbus Crew)
33018171 D. Selolwane (Real Salt Lake)
3211091 A. Favalli (Chicago Fire)
32116151 E. Johnson (FC Dallas)
32118171 E. Berhalter (Real Salt Lake)

Leading Scorers in MLS (United States)
 ScoredGames Player (Club)
1.99 M. Johnsen (Chicago Fire)
2.815 L. Donovan (Los Angeles)
3.715 Thiago (Chicago Fire)
4.514 N. Jaqua (Chicago Fire)
515 R. Zavagnin (FC Dallas)
515 P. Noonan (New England)
517 J. Cunningham (Colorado Rapids)
517 A. Speroni (D.C. United)
9.414 T. Twellman (New England)
415 C. Osorno (Chivas USA)
416 D. Arnaud (Kansas City)
417 L. Gonzalez (Colorado Rapids)
13.314 L. Vanney (NY/NJ Metrostars)
314 E. Wilson (New England)
315 I. Romo (Chivas USA)
317 D. Selolwane (Real Salt Lake)
317 K. Martino (Columbus Crew)
18.24 C. Rolfe (Chicago Fire)
27 E. Howard (Columbus Crew)
28 S. Quaranta (D.C. United)
29 A. Favalli (Chicago Fire)
212 L. Bardon (Chicago Fire)
213 A. Pitchkolan (FC Dallas)
215 M. Osbourne (Real Salt Lake)
215 D. Sequeira (Chivas USA)
215 R. Mina Mercado (FC Dallas)
215 E. Johnson (FC Dallas)
215 M. Young (Chivas USA)
216 D. De Rosario (San Jose)
216 J. Wolff (Kansas City)
216 A. Gormsen (San Jose)
217 E. Berhalter (Real Salt Lake)
217 A. Williams (Real Salt Lake)
217 C. Convey (Real Salt Lake)

Leading Scorers in all Cup competitions
(MLS Open Cup)
 ScoredGames Player (Club)
No individual player has amassed the minimum number of cup goals (3)

Worst disciplinary records
(All competitions: MLS; MLS Open Cup)
 CardsCardsGames Player (Club)
1.1516 C. Wingert (Columbus Crew)
2.2112 C. Goodson (FC Dallas)
2115 C. Marshall (Columbus Crew)
1316 B. Prideaux (D.C. United)
5.1213 P. Louis-Jean (NY/NJ Metrostars)
1215 T. Twellman (New England)
1215 M. Crawford (Colorado Rapids)
8.1114 D. Wagenfuhr (FC Dallas)
1114 J. Convey (Kansas City)
1116 J. Walker (D.C. United)
0314 G. Gonzalez (Los Angeles)
0316 F. Gomez (Chivas USA)
0318 B. Carroll (D.C. United)
0318 R. Fraser (Columbus Crew)
15.108 M. Rodriguez (Helsingborgs)
1011 G. Andersson (Columbus Crew)
1013 J. Assou-Ekotto (NY/NJ Metrostars)
1014 W. Anzite (FC Dallas)
1014 A. Pitchkolan (FC Dallas)
1016 K. Cutler (Real Salt Lake)
0215 B. Lee (NY/NJ Metrostars)
0215 M. Ne (NY/NJ Metrostars)
0215 E. Bocanegra (FC Dallas)
0216 A. Loera (Chivas USA)
0216 A. Moreno (San Jose)
0216 S. Karbassiyoon (San Jose)
0216 D. Sequeira (Chivas USA)
0216 C. Klein (Kansas City)
0216 C. Louis-Jean (New England)
0216 D. Sytchev (Chivas USA)
0216 E. Corrales (New England)
0217 L. Gonzalez (Colorado Rapids)
0218 D. Szetela (Columbus Crew)
0218 R. Pierce (Real Salt Lake)
0218 B. Dunseth (Real Salt Lake)

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