LS Tour Links 2003 'Hidden Statistics'

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Player Rankings (Using PowerStroke Swing At Champ Level)
RankNameEventsFinishesPointsAdj. PointsEff. RatingNPPE
2grim_x992178000 91476000.0010164000.0003388000.0
4Louis_Caissie991578000 66276000.007364000.0002454666.7
5webfox53810000 34020000.006804000.0002268000.0
6Percibal1592214000 92988000.006199200.0002066400.0
7Thirdeye18121926000 80892000.004494000.0001498000.0
8JohnC031065569052 23900184.003983364.0001327788.0
9Mcp7230121914000 80388000.002679600.000 893200.0

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