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Manager Summary
Manager Mode file: Q:\Documents and Settings\Steve\My Documents\Backups\FIFA 07\2ndDae_end_season_7\B. Manager - 2ndDae\B. Manager - 2ndDae
Manager Mode last saved: 23:37:56 (GMT Daylight Time) on Friday 06 July 2007
Manager name [ID] (DOB): Steve Pitts [0] ( 5 Jul 1960)
Prestige level: 7
Manager points:  25368.62
Team [ID]: Orgryte IS [706]
Team prestige levels: 13 (domestic) and 4 (international)
Stadium [ID]: Div1 Euro Style [33]
League [ID] (Prestige): Swedish Allsvenskan (Sweden) [56] (12)
Region: 47
Completed seasons: 6
Team chemistry:  36.941
Job security:  99.000 (+1.000)
Fired at:  17.0
Fan appreciation:  99.000
Bid points:  10.000
Budget: €1,992,948.38
Ticket price: High
Trophies won: 11 (see Trophy Cabinet for details)
League record: 19-5-2 (1st - 62 pts)
Overall record: Played 29, Won 21, Drew 6, Lost 2 ( 82.76%)
Scored 39 at 1.34 per game, Conceded 8 at 0.28 per game
Last game: 25 Oct 2015 - W 1-0 (H) vs. AIK Solna (Swedish Allsvenskan)
Next game:  7 Nov 2015 - away at Djurgardens (Swedish Cup)

Staff Upgrades
Striker Coach: Level 4Upgrade Cost: €800,000
Midfielder Coach: Level 5Upgrade Cost: €1,000,000
Defence Coach: Level 4Upgrade Cost: €800,000
Goalkeeper Coach: Level 3Upgrade Cost: €600,000
Negotiator: Level 3Upgrade Cost: €500,000
Scout: Level 4Upgrade Cost: €700,000
Medical Staff: Level 5Upgrade Cost: €900,000
Stadium Manager: Level 4Upgrade Cost: €4,000,000
Stadium size: Current - 30200 seatsUpgraded - 40500 seats

Sponsorship Contract
Sponsor [ID]: Incenzio [5]
  Incenzio is the new fragrance designed to inspire. Experience the unrivaled freshness and let your senses guide you through your day.
Per-game: €8,100.00
Win bonus: €3,800.00
Loyalty bonus: €53,000.00 - Show loyalty (resign with same sponsor next season)
League bonus: €760,000.00 - Qualify for the EFA
Domestic Cup bonus: €12,000.00 - Each cup round survived
Int. Cup bonus: N/A
Extra bonus: €80,000.00 - Top Goal Scorer

Board Expectations
Swedish Allsvenskan: Finish in the top half
[No lower than 7th position]
Swedish Cup: N/A
International Cup: N/A
Extra expectations: Extend the contract of Connor Tait to at least 3 years
Job offers: PSV Eindhoven; Bayern Munich; AS Roma

Scout Status
Scout is standing by - no search in progress

Manager History
PeriodRecordPointsPos.Prestige TeamLeague
2006-200720-3-36312 Daegu FCK-League
Trophies won:K-League Playoffs
2007-200923-8-37714 SakaryasporTurkish Super League
Trophies won:Turkish Cup
Turkish Super League
2009-201022-6-27215 Lodzki KSPolish Ekstraklasa
Trophies won:Puchar Polski
Polish Ekstraklasa
2010-201126-4-38216 St MirrenScottish Premier
Trophies won:Scottish Cup
Scottish Premier
2011-201219-6-16316 Sandefjord FotballNorwegian Tippeligaen
Trophies won:Norwegian Tippeligaen
2012-201417-7-25816 Sandefjord FotballNorwegian Tippeligaen
Trophies won:Norwegian Tippeligaen
Norwegian FA Cup
2014-present19-5-26227 Orgryte ISSwedish Allsvenskan
Trophies won:Swedish Allsvenskan

Trophy Cabinet
2006 K-League Playoffs (Korea)
2008 Turkish Cup (Turkey)
2007-2008 Turkish Super League (Turkey)
2009 Puchar Polski (Poland)
2008-2009 Polish Ekstraklasa (Poland)
2009 Scottish Cup (Scotland)
2009-2010 Scottish Premier (Scotland)
2010 Norwegian Tippeligaen (Norway)
2011 Norwegian Tippeligaen (Norway)
2011 Norwegian FA Cup (Norway)
2012 Swedish Allsvenskan (Sweden)

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