FIFA 07 Manager Mode Statistical Leaders

Leading Total Scorers
(All competitions: K-League; K-League Playoffs)
 Goals ScoredPerAppearances 
 TotLgeCupApp.TotLgeCup Player (Club)
1.201280.7427252 Hwang Yeon Suk (Daegu FC)
2.171700.6128262 Lee Dong Gook (Pohang Steelers)
3.121200.4626260 D. Radoncic (Incheon United)
121110.5223221 Jefferson Rodrigues (Daegu FC)
5.101000.3826260 Luciano. (Gyeongnam FC)
6.9630.3327252 Choi Tae Uk (Pohang Steelers)
7.8800.3126251 Sandro Cardoso (Chunnam Dragons)
8800.3126260 Machado (Ulsan Horang-I)
8710.3324231 Seo Dong Hyun (Suwon Bluewings)
8530.2928262 C. Frontini (Pohang Steelers)
11.7700.2924240 Lee Jun Yeong (Incheon United)
7700.2825250 Namkung Do (Gwangju Sangmu)
7700.2825250 Itamar Batista (Seongnam)
7700.2726260 Yeo Seong Won (Gwangju Sangmu)
15.6600.2425250 Denis (Suwon Bluewings)
6600.2326260 Adriano Chuva (Daejon Citizen)
6600.2326260 Robson S. (Daejon Citizen)
6600.2326260 Park Chu Young (FC Seoul)
19.5500.5010100 Leandro. (Ulsan Horang-I)
5500.2223230 Lee Eul Yong (FC Seoul)
5500.2025241 Kim Seung Hyun (Chunnam Dragons)
5500.1926260 Choi Sung Kook (Ulsan Horang-I)
5500.1926260 Da Silva C (Jeju FC)
5500.1926260 Denilson (Daejon Citizen)
5500.1927261 D. Selmir (Chunnam Dragons)
5320.3614122 Jang Nam Seok (Daegu FC)

Leading Scorers in K-League (Korea)
 ScoredPer App.Games Player (Club)
1.170.6526 Lee Dong Gook (Pohang Steelers)
2.120.4825 Hwang Yeon Suk (Daegu FC)
120.4626 D. Radoncic (Incheon United)
4.110.5022 Jefferson Rodrigues (Daegu FC)
5.100.3826 Luciano. (Gyeongnam FC)
6.80.3225 Sandro Cardoso (Chunnam Dragons)
80.3126 Machado (Ulsan Horang-I)
8.70.3023 Seo Dong Hyun (Suwon Bluewings)
70.2924 Lee Jun Yeong (Incheon United)
70.2825 Itamar Batista (Seongnam)
70.2825 Namkung Do (Gwangju Sangmu)
70.2726 Yeo Seong Won (Gwangju Sangmu)
13.60.2425 Choi Tae Uk (Pohang Steelers)
60.2425 Denis (Suwon Bluewings)
60.2326 Robson S. (Daejon Citizen)
60.2326 Park Chu Young (FC Seoul)
60.2326 Adriano Chuva (Daejon Citizen)
18.50.5010 Leandro. (Ulsan Horang-I)
50.2223 Lee Eul Yong (FC Seoul)
50.2124 Kim Seung Hyun (Chunnam Dragons)
50.1926 C. Frontini (Pohang Steelers)
50.1926 Denilson (Daejon Citizen)
50.1926 D. Selmir (Chunnam Dragons)
50.1926 Choi Sung Kook (Ulsan Horang-I)
50.1926 Da Silva C (Jeju FC)

Leading Scorers in all Cup competitions
(K-League Playoffs)
 ScoredPer App.Games Player (Club)
1.84.002 Hwang Yeon Suk (Daegu FC)
2.31.502 C. Frontini (Pohang Steelers)
31.502 Choi Tae Uk (Pohang Steelers)
4.21.002 Jang Nam Seok (Daegu FC)
5.11.001 Seo Dong Hyun (Suwon Bluewings)
11.001 Jefferson Rodrigues (Daegu FC)
11.001 Na Hui Geun (Daegu FC)
10.502 Ha Dae Seong (Daegu FC)

Leading Total Assists
(All competitions: K-League; K-League Playoffs)
 Assists MadePerAppearances 
 TotLgeCupApp.TotLgeCup Player (Club)
1.8800.3126251 Kim Tae Soo (Chunnam Dragons)
2.7610.2726251 Kim Dae Eui (Suwon Bluewings)
3.6600.2623212 Hwang Ji Soo (Pohang Steelers)
6600.2524240 Nam Young Hoon (Gyeongnam FC)
5.5500.2322220 Sin Seung Ho (Gyeongnam FC)
5500.2223230 Lim Joong Yong (Incheon United)
5500.2025241 Kim Seung Hyun (Chunnam Dragons)
5500.1926242 Kim Gi Dong (Pohang Steelers)
5500.1926260 Park Kyu Sun (Ulsan Horang-I)
5500.1927252 Kim Myung Jung (Pohang Steelers)
5410.2025232 L. Tavarez (Pohang Steelers)
12.4400.1723230 Kim Do Gyun (Chunnam Dragons)
4400.1723230 Kang Jeong Hun (Daejon Citizen)
4400.1723230 Choi Won Kwon (FC Seoul)
4400.1724240 Kim Ki Hyung (Jeju FC)
4400.1625241 Park Jong Woo (Chunnam Dragons)
4400.1625250 Kang Yong (Gwangju Sangmu)
4400.1625250 Itamar Batista (Seongnam)
4400.1625250 Adilson (FC Seoul)
4400.1526260 Robson S. (Daejon Citizen)
4220.1822202 Yoon Ju Il (Daegu FC)

Leading Assists in K-League (Korea)
 MadePer App.Games Player (Club)
1.80.3225 Kim Tae Soo (Chunnam Dragons)
2.60.2921 Hwang Ji Soo (Pohang Steelers)
60.2524 Nam Young Hoon (Gyeongnam FC)
60.2425 Kim Dae Eui (Suwon Bluewings)
5.50.2322 Sin Seung Ho (Gyeongnam FC)
50.2223 Lim Joong Yong (Incheon United)
50.2124 Kim Gi Dong (Pohang Steelers)
50.2124 Kim Seung Hyun (Chunnam Dragons)
50.2025 Kim Myung Jung (Pohang Steelers)
50.1926 Park Kyu Sun (Ulsan Horang-I)
11.40.1723 L. Tavarez (Pohang Steelers)
40.1723 Kim Do Gyun (Chunnam Dragons)
40.1723 Kang Jeong Hun (Daejon Citizen)
40.1723 Choi Won Kwon (FC Seoul)
40.1724 Park Jong Woo (Chunnam Dragons)
40.1724 Kim Ki Hyung (Jeju FC)
40.1625 Kang Yong (Gwangju Sangmu)
40.1625 Itamar Batista (Seongnam)
40.1625 Adilson (FC Seoul)
40.1526 Robson S. (Daejon Citizen)

Leading Assists in all Cup competitions
(K-League Playoffs)
 MadePer App.Games Player (Club)
No individual player has amassed the minimum number of cup assists (3)

Worst disciplinary records
(All competitions: K-League; K-League Playoffs)
 CardsCardsGames Player (Club)
1.1324 Park Yong Ho (Gwangju Sangmu)
1324 Yeo Hyo Jin (FC Seoul)
1324 Go Chang Hyeon (Busan I'Park)
1325 Lee Dong Won (Chunnam Dragons)
1325 Lee Yoon Sup (Gwangju Sangmu)
1325 Vinicius (Ulsan Horang-I)
7.1223 Choi Won Kwon (FC Seoul)
1225 Son Seung Jun (Gwangju Sangmu)
1225 Kim Young Chul (Seongnam)
1225 Joo Seung Jin (Daejon Citizen)
0425 Vasiljevic (Jeju FC)
0425 Adilson (FC Seoul)
13.1122 Noh Jeong Yun (Ulsan Horang-I)
1123 Kim Do Gyun (Chunnam Dragons)
1124 You Kyoung Youl (Ulsan Horang-I)
1127 Cho Seong Hwan (Pohang Steelers)
0325 Lee Sang Hun (Incheon United)
0325 Lim Kyoung Hoon (Gyeongnam FC)
0325 Woo Seung Je (Daejon Citizen)
0325 Lee Kang Jin (Busan I'Park)
0325 Choi Byung Do (Incheon United)

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