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Team Summary for Wycombe
Default chemistry: 72Default rating: 53
Domestic prestige: 6.1 (was 4)International prestige: 3
Mentality: Neutral 
Primary attack: Wing PlaySecondary attack: [None]
Primary defence: Flat BackSecondary defence: [None]
Stadium: Div1 Euro Style
Main league: Football League Champ (England)
Local rival: Colchester Utd
Left corner: J. PennockRight corner: P. Quijorna Sols
Free Kick: J. GatesPenalty: R. Martin
Captain: J. GatesFan favourite: J. Dixon (1)

Starting Lineup (4_4_2) for Wycombe
 9 J. Dixon (59)10 J. Gates (62) 
33 J. Pennock (55)17 J. Harewood (62)29 J. Bridge (61)19 P. Quijorna Sols (53)
3 R. Martin (59)16 E. Smith (62)15 D. Ryan (60)2 J. Haswell (60)
 12 H. Hamill (59) 

Playing Squad for Wycombe
GK12H. Hamill58.9786%702519 
RB2J. Haswell59.6097%73141 
RCB15D. Ryan60.3091%759816 
LCB16E. Smith62.2590%829937 
LB3R. Martin59.3090%73067 
RM19P. Quijorna Sols52.5593%752849 
RCM29J. Bridge60.9288%674010 
LCM17J. Harewood61.6584%797115 
LM33J. Pennock55.1191%787521 
RS10J. Gates62.0693%779934 
LS9J. Dixon59.3186%749489 
RB13S. Stockley53.9092%72065 
CB4S. Golbourne59.2589%649390 
CM18A. Devaux60.8391%773219 
LWM22A. Keogh52.7588%71033 
ST21J. Hinshelwood61.0889%675811 
GK1J. Young59.5592%708399 
CB5M. Williamson58.6087%648498 
LB14C. Palmer55.4090%73164 
CDM7N. Beati72.1090%78035 
CDM6A. Grant60.5093%76457 
RWM8K. Betsy53.5888%772665 
CM28W. McLaren52.8887%60031 
LWM11R. Hockley54.0890%75053 
ST20B. Meadowcroft63.1186%839944 

Player Biographies for Wycombe
No.NamePosFootAgeDate Of Birth HtWtNotes
1Young, JamieGKR2325 Aug 1985 18082 
12Hamill, HarryGKL20 6 Jan 1988 17283originally unassigned
13Stockley, SamRBR31 5 Sep 1977 18376 
2Haswell, JackRBR1910 Dec 1989 17988originally unassigned
15Ryan, DavidCBR1821 Aug 1990 17575originally unassigned
16Smith, EdCBR18 3 Sep 1990 18576originally unassigned
4Golbourne, ScottCBR2029 Feb 1988 18070 
5Williamson, MikeCBR25 8 Nov 1983 19184 
3Martin, RussellLBR22 4 Jan 1986 17874 
14Palmer, ChrisLBL2516 Oct 1983 16970 
7Beati, NicolaCDMR2513 Feb 1983 18176originally at Arezzo
6Grant, AnthonyCDMR21 4 Jun 1987 18373 
8Betsy, KevinRWMR3020 Mar 1978 18587 
19Quijorna Sols, Pablo AndrsRMR19 4 Mar 1989 17080originally unassigned
18Devaux, AntoineCMR2321 Feb 1985 18570originally at Le Havre
29Bridge, JamesCML18 9 Dec 1990 16366originally unassigned
17Harewood, JamieCMR1828 May 1990 18567originally unassigned
28McLaren, WilliamCMR1917 Jul 1989 18379originally unassigned
33Pennock, JamesLMR2019 Nov 1988 18083originally unassigned
11Hockley, RyanLWML1919 Jul 1989 18075originally unassigned
22Keogh, AndyLWMR19 6 Sep 1989 17475originally unassigned
10Gates, JohnRFR2015 Sep 1988 17372originally unassigned
9Dixon, JonnyCFR2416 Jan 1984 17575 
21Hinshelwood, JakeSTR2028 Jun 1988 18174originally unassigned
20Meadowcroft, BrandonSTR1918 Jun 1989 18576originally unassigned

Player Statistics for Wycombe
 AppearancesGoals Scored TotalsDomesticInternational
J. Gates2015516142 0.80000000
J. Dixon1914516115 0.80000000
B. Meadowcroft1812616106 0.90000000
J. Hinshelwood15132440 0.30000000
J. Harewood17134330 0.20000000
A. Devaux13103220 0.20000000
R. Martin1486110 0.10000000
J. Bridge14113110 0.10000000
P. Quijorna Sols14122110 0.10000000
J. Pennock19136110 0.10000000
W. McLaren110000 0.00000000
A. Keogh541000 0.00000000
R. Hockley880000 0.00000000
N. Beati1266000 0.00000000
A. Grant13103000 0.00000000
H. Hamill1495000 0.06000000
S. Stockley14113000 0.00000000
J. Young14122000 0.03000000
J. Haswell15105000 0.00000000
M. Williamson16133000 0.00000000
C. Palmer16151000 0.00000000
K. Betsy17116000 0.00000000
D. Ryan18117000 0.00000000
E. Smith20137000 0.00000000
S. Golbourne20173000 0.00000000

Player Contracts for Wycombe
2Bradbury, BradleyST52.67194920053400on loan to Stockp. County
16Smith, EdCB62.25189920096400 
29Bridge, JamesCM60.92184020096300 
18Devaux, AntoineCM60.832332200987348 
15Ryan, DavidCB60.30189820091,6000 
1Young, JamieGK59.55238320093500 
3Martin, RussellLB59.3022020093600 
5Williamson, MikeCB58.60258420093500 
33Pennock, JamesLM55.11207520095400 
22Keogh, AndyLWM52.7519020092700 
20Meadowcroft, BrandonST63.11199920108400 
10Gates, JohnRF62.06209920101800 
6Grant, AnthonyCDM60.50214201050834bonus per CS
4Golbourne, ScottCB59.25209320105600 
14Palmer, ChrisLB55.4025120104400 
13Stockley, SamRB53.9031020104600 
19Quijorna Sols, Pablo AndrsRM52.55192820103800 
7Beati, NicolaCDM72.10250201120,1303,020bonus per CS
21Hinshelwood, JakeST61.08205820116600 
12Hamill, HarryGK58.97202520115000 
11Hockley, RyanLWM54.0819020112800 
8Betsy, KevinRWM53.58302620115000 
28McLaren, WilliamCM52.8819020112600 
17Harewood, JamieCM61.65187120121,4000 
2Haswell, JackRB59.6019120124700 
9Dixon, JonnyCF59.31249420124400 
Total weekly wages 33,621 
Total weekly income 5,100 

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