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Manager Mode file: Q:\Documents and Settings\Steve\My Documents\Backups\FIFA 07\1stWyc_end_season_2\B. Manager - 1stWyc\B. Manager - 1stWyc
Manager Mode last saved: 08:54:26 (GMT Standard Time) on Tuesday 05 December 2006
Manager name [ID] (DOB): Steve Pitts [0] ( 5 Jul 1960)
Prestige level: 2
Manager points:  4533.15
Team [ID]: Wycombe [1933]
Team prestige levels: 5 (domestic) and 3 (international)
Stadium [ID]: Div1 Euro Style [33]
League [ID] (Prestige): Football League One (England) [60] (7)
Region: 15
Completed seasons: 1
Team chemistry:  44.475
Job security:  99.000 (+1.000)
Fired at:  28.0
Fan appreciation:  99.000
Bid points:  3.000
Budget: £2,379,261.50
Ticket price: High
Trophies won: 4 (see Trophy Cabinet for details)
League record: 34-7-4 (1st - 109 pts)
Overall record: Played 62, Won 48, Drew 9, Lost 5 ( 84.68%)
Scored 159 at 2.56 per game, Conceded 48 at 0.77 per game
Last game: 17 May 2008 - W 1-0 (H) vs. Tranmere Rovers (Football League One)
Next game: 21 May 2008 - away at Bournemouth (Football League One, 16th - 51 pts)

Staff Upgrades
Striker Coach: Level 4Upgrade Cost: £536,000
Midfielder Coach: Level 4Upgrade Cost: £536,000
Defence Coach: Level 4Upgrade Cost: £536,000
Goalkeeper Coach: Level 4Upgrade Cost: £536,000
Negotiator: Level 6Upgrade Cost: £938,000
Scout: Level 4Upgrade Cost: £469,000
Medical Staff: Level 5Upgrade Cost: £603,000
Stadium Manager: Level 4Upgrade Cost: £2,680,000
Stadium size: Current - 30200 seatsUpgraded - 40500 seats

Sponsorship Contract
Sponsor [ID]: Reytax [4]
  Reytax's slogan "If you can drive it we have it!" sums up the company. As the largest local rental agency they offer everything from luxury cars to moving trucks at low rates.
Per-game: £2,700.00
Win bonus: £1,000.00
Loyalty bonus: £77,000.00 - Show loyalty (resign with same sponsor next season)
League bonus: £29,000.00 - Top half finish
Domestic Cup bonus: £9,600.00 - Each cup round survived
Int. Cup bonus: N/A
Extra bonus: £5,800.00 - Player in Team of the Month

Board Expectations
Football League One: Finish in the top half
[No lower than 12th position]
LDV Vans Trophy: Reach round 5 of LDV Vans Trophy
International Cup: N/A
Extra expectations: Extend the contract of Anthony Grant to at least 3 years
Job offers: Sheffield Wednesday; Sheffield Wednesday

Scout Status
Location [ID]: England [3]
Role [ID]: MID [1]
Position [ID]: Any [-1]
Duration: Good Scout (8 weeks)
Weeks gone: 8
Weeks since last find: 0
Scouted during this trip: Jamie Harewood (CM; Age 17; OVR 58.80)
  James Bridge (CM; Age 17; OVR 56.08)

Manager History
PeriodRecordPointsPos.Prestige TeamLeague
2006-200733-11-211011 WycombeFootball League Two
Trophies won:LDV Vans Trophy
Football League Two
2007-present34-7-4109152 WycombeFootball League One
Trophies won:League Cup
LDV Vans Trophy

Trophy Cabinet
2007 LDV Vans Trophy (England)
2006-2007 Football League Two (England)
2008 League Cup (England)
2008 LDV Vans Trophy (England)

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